Environment Policy Statement

All company operations will be carried out so as to protect the health and safety of employees, contractors, customers and the community while paying proper attention to protecting the environment. Hilditch Oilchem’s products will conform with this policy, and adequate advice will be provided to encourage safe and responsible use.

To do this , Hilditch Oilchem Pty Ltd will :
* Provide and maintain healthy and safe work areas and equipment.

* Keep reviewing areas, equipment and work methods, to further improve safety and health in the belief that all injuries and occupational illness can be prevented.

* Provide systems of work to prevent accidental release or spillage, and seek to minimise all other discharge to water and land that may harm the environment.

* Provide health, safety and environmental training for employees.

* Select only those contractors who attain the same health, safety and environmental standards as Hilditch Oilchem Pty Ltd.

* Provide products which are able to be used safely, without endangering the health of users or others, and which can be used in a way that does not harm the environment.

All managers, supervisors and contractors are accountable for health, safety and environmental performance in their areas.

All employees have a responsibility to follow rules for safe and healthy operations and to report hazards to their supervisors. Everyone is expected to use their job skills and knowledge to improve safety and to protect the environment.

Attitudes to health, safety and the environment are as important as other business qualities, and will be assessed regularly as part of the annual appraisal


Quality Policy

Our policy is to continuously improve quality of products and services to ensure customer satisfaction, the target being zero defects in all transactions.

We achieve this through:

* ensuring that all employees understand both internal and external customer/supplier relationship.

* training all employees to ensure that all tasks are carried out to required quality standards.

* maintaining our quality system to support our quality policy.

* emphasising prevention rather than detection of quality problems.

* provide systems of work to prevent accidental discharges to air, water and land that harm the environment.

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