2 Pack Thinners


2 Pack Thinners is a premium quality, medium to fast drying thinner specifically formulated for thinning 2 Pack Polyurethane Coatings. Broad solvency graduated boiling range and powerful tail solvents combine to give maximum gloss.
Originally formulated for two pack systems is also suitable for thinning many other paints.


A clear and bright fluid with a high solvency to reduce all solvent borne paints.
A high quality product that leaves a smooth, attractive, high gloss finishes.
A proven, cost effective 2 Pack thinner.


Solvency – 2 Pack Thinners has excellent solvency for all 2 Pack Paints.
High Gloss Finish – 2 Pack Thinners controlled evaporation and powerful tail solvents increase levelling, allowing the coating to achieve maximum gloss.