High-Quality Acetone For Australian Industries

For the past 35 years, Oilchem has been sourcing and distributing the finest quality acetone for the personal care, pharmaceutical, textile, electronics and petroleum industries. With a vast shipping and distribution network, Hilditch Oilchem is known for quality, consistency and reliability. We’re the company hundreds of businesses rely on for safe and dependable supplies of acetone.

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Hilditch Oilchem Supplies The Highest Quality Acetone For:

  • Nail polish remover, creams and acne products
  • Controlling dosage in common medications
  • Removing gums, adhesives and oils from textiles
  • Welding and degreasing in metalwork
  • Cleaning electrical components & equipment
  • Dissolving and removing sludge after oil spills
  • Improving the fuel efficiency of gasoline

Acetone Delivery – Oilchem Goes Further

  • Dangerous goods warehousing
  • Customer-specific blending
  • Repackaging
  • 400 tankers and other delivery vehicles
  • Official distributor of Viva Chemicals
  • ISO Certified

Hilditch Oilchem – Australia’s Safest Acetone Storage And Distribution

Hilditch Oilchem is proudly Australian owned and operated. We take our obligation to communities and the environment seriously. Our partners demand the most stringent safeguards and we continue to exceed all standards of compliance and diligence.

When you order acetone from Hilditch Oilchem, you can be sure you’ll receive a high-quality product that will always be stored and delivered safely.

Hilditch Oilchem Customer Service – Local and Personal

With personalised customer service, you’ll always have an expert Hilditch Oilchem account manager to contact. Get set up in minutes, and we’ll organise your first delivery today. Whether your operations are expanding or moving, we’ll take care of logistics to ensure your supply of acetone is uninterrupted.

Call our Hilditch Oilchem sales team to discuss your exact needs. We’ll create the ideal solution.