On-site Refuelling

Hilditch Oilchem recognizes the importance of auxiliary power for sites and we deliver fuel accordingly. Heavy machinery contractors also benefit from our presence in the industry with competitive daily rates and delivery schedules.

Our construction industry partners require power to site during multiple stages of construction. Our rigid tankers are equipped with hose extensions and experienced drivers for safe and timely delivery to metro construction sites. Our chief value-add to the construction industry is our ability to deliver to hard-to-reach tanks and generators on-site, and supply diesel of any quantity when required.

  • Small, medium and large order delivery to metro and regional site
  • Rigid tanker equipped with multiple hose lengths for tough to reach delivery locations

Industrial Supply
In addition to our delivery service, Hilditch Oilchem Pty Ltd supply and service several commercial diesel pumps with high-flow capability. These diesel pods are strategically placed in high traffic industrial zones to service customers with commercial applications.

  • High flow diesel pods for fast and easy delivery
  • Our rates incentivise high volume customers in industrial areas

Product description:

A special purpose light distillate fuel for use in high speed diesel engines (i.e. those operating at greater than 800 rpm), in services involving frequent and relatively wide variations in loads and speeds. Used in automotive (both on and off  road) and industrial applications..

Diesel has a high cetane number to help ensure smooth running and starting at low temperatures. The diesel properties are adjusted during winter to reduce waxing in cold locations, and the lubricity of the diesel fuel is controlled and monitored to help prevent wear of the fuel pump and injectors.

Our product meets the requirements of the Australian National Fuels Quality Standards Act 2000. It’s low sulphur, which means it contains 10 parts per million (or 10mg/kg) of sulphur. In some locations and when bio-component is available, Shell Diesel may also contain up to 5% biodiesel, as allowed by the Fuel Standard (Automotive Diesel) Determination 2001.


Contact our customer service team to book a delivery or visit our site in Epping and refuel from the bowser at competitive prices.