Parts Washing Fluid


Australia’s Most Secure, Safe and Reliable Supplier Of Parts Washing Fluid

For conventional and rotating parts, our water-based parts washing fluid provides an alternative to solvents. There are many advantages to using Parts Washing Fluid, including a lower risk of corrosion, fire and contamination. This non-hazardous alternative also eliminates the need to haul contaminated liquids. Hilditch Oilchem is one of Australia’s leading suppliers of Parts Washing Fluid. With more than 400 tankers and vehicles operating 24/7, we can always ensure you have a consistent and high-quality supply of the best solvents.


Parts Washing Fluid Cleans:

  • Carbon
  • Grease
  • Metal chips
  • Cutting fluids
  • Contaminants

Parts Washing Fluid – Hilditch Oilchem Goes Further

  • Dangerous goods warehousing
  • Works with a parts washer
  • Customer-specific blending
  • Repackaging
  • 400 tankers and vehicles
  • Official distributor of Viva Chemicals
  • ISO Certified

Supplying Australian Industries With Solvents For 35 Years

As one of the nation’s most experienced suppliers of solvents and chemicals, Hilditch Oilchem takes pride in setting benchmarks for quality and safety. We exceed all government and industry safety requirements, helping our customers maintain the same high standards during the handling, storage and transportation of Parts Washing Fluid. With the huge transportation network we’ve built over the past three decades, you can be sure you’ll always receive timely, reliable and safe deliveries.

Hilditch Oilchem Customer Service – Local and Personal

With personalised customer service, you’ll always have an expert Hilditch Oilchem account manager to contact. Get set up in minutes, and we’ll organise your first delivery today. Whether your operations are expanding or moving, we’ll take care of logistics to ensure your supply of Parts Washing Fluid is uninterrupted.

Call our Hilditch Oilchem sales team to discuss your exact needs. We’ll create the ideal solution.