Solvent D60


D60 is derived from selected petroleum feedstocks which have been highly refined and reacted with hydrogen to convert aromatics to cycloparaffins. This deep hydrogenation results in products of controlled composition with very low aromatics content, negligible reactive impurities and a low, sweet odour. D60 consists predominantly of C10-C12 paraffins and naphthenes.

D60 is non-flammable (Flash Point 63 oC) but, like all hydrocarbons, will burn. It is immiscible with water. In case of fire, carbon dioxide, dry chemical powder, foam, sand or earth should be used, but not water jets.
Occupational exposure to solvents should be reduced to the lowest practicable level. Continuous inhalation of the vapour should be avoided. Prolonged and repeated skin contact can cause dermatitis due to defatting properties.